Read between the lines
Read between the lines
Catherine/turning 20/Malaysia

"Choices make us who we are, and lets us do what is right."

How awkward it was to walk into uni without my student ID when I don’t even remember where I last saw it. Right. So yeah hopefully I won’t have to make another one again.

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I’m feeling dumb now because my moot partner has been telling me many of her analysis and opinions on how to go about with the arguments on our appeal grounds, and I was only telling her that”we can definitely try using it” and agreeing to most of what she said. I’m here trying to do the same but I need longer time to fully digest a case to form my thoughts and strategies. Oh well its an uphill battle.

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The saddest things in the world:

-people forgotten on their birthdays
-old people eating alone
-animals left behind by their humans

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When I go shipping tomorrow I’m gonna be buying more books that I have been craving for a while (and stationeries including writing pads) although I am kinda in exam mode right now hehe. ^_^

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